As the owner/manager of a high-rise multifamily building, you must employ a dependable security/surveillance solution. As per the National Crime Prevention Council study, apartments are 85 percent more likely to be burglarized than single-family homes. Felony and trespassing are on the rise, and a CCTV Surveillance System in Multifamily Buildings can help prevent crime before it occurs. When burglars or vandals notice that a condo complex, apartment building, or high-rise has video cameras, they may choose to target other locations.

Multiple access points and easy accessibility are two factors burglars consider when selecting a building to target. Burglars may flee if cameras are strategically placed in these areas. So, where else do you start when it comes to securing your complex? A surveillance system is one of several systems that an effective residential security strategy integrates to protect the building actively. To get as much out of surveillance, you must first understand what it does for you and how to use it effectively.

Staff Support:

Providing onsite security personnel can help safeguard your building, but there are some drawbacks to hiring live security guards. Guards can be expensive, particularly if you require them for overnight shifts. There is also the possibility of physical altercations, which could lead to liability problems in the future. Surveillance can provide security guards with oversight of site activities and can even be supplemented or replaced entirely by remote monitoring services.

Solid Proof:

Even if you strategically place cameras throughout your building, you can never be confident that a criminal will not act. You could indeed, however, be sure that you will have all of the footage you require afterward. Security tapes will not only protect you as a building manager, but they will also help local police deal with the aftereffects of a criminal act on your estate.

Better Rent:

Residents, particularly families with small children, value the presence of an apartment complex security system. Occupants will be willing to pay a premium for this highly valued amenity, emphasizing its awareness and operability during tours and location trips. Providing a surveillance system as an amenity can also help you establish a positive and tenant-centered reputation in the community. You will be illustrating that you are concerned about the safety of your residents and their belongings.

Trained Security:

Numerous security companies offer professional video monitoring from central control stations as a value-added service. The perks of such a service are obvious, as the cameras can be integrated with other factors of a facility’s security system, and experienced personnel can better verify for sure if alarms, for example, are warranted when activated. Those surveilling the security system can then communicate effectively with emergency response, allowing them to understand better what is going on in an institution. If there is a false alarm, they also can call off first emergency personnel.

Theft Deterrent:

It is common knowledge that criminals are less likely to act when strong security measures are in place. Consider this: if someone wanted to commit vandalism, robbery, or another crime, they would have been less likely to target a building with various security cameras than without one.

The mere presence of CCTV video surveillance can stop criminals. To take the deterrent effect a step further, the above-mentioned remote video monitoring service can deter crime as it occurs. Felons are more likely to flee when agents sound alarms or issue verbal warnings.

Safer Community:

When occupants notice that your building is secure, they form a favorable impression. This may not result in immediate rental, but it may cause potential renters to identify your infrastructure as more desirable. Whenever they come for them to find a new place to live, they will think positively of your multifamily building. Furthermore, other landlords may soon follow if you install more security, resulting in a safer neighborhood with reduced crime.

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Surveillance can also help multifamily buildings appeal to potential tenants and raise rent prices. Contact CCTV Monitoring today to learn more about your options for apartment building remote video surveillance solutions. CCTV Monitoring enables you to keep your occupants safe and your building secure for many years to come.

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