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  • The Importance of Remote Monitoring

The Importance Of Remote Monitoring

One of the most key upsides about a modern remote video surveillance system is the ease and flexibility in video management - you can log into your system and view surveillance video at all times, no matter if you are at work or not. Using port forwarding, you can monitor and manage your CCTV camera remote monitoring from any computer with an internet connection. A mobile app, on the contrary, allows you to access your ...

  • parking security

The Basic Dos And Don’ts For Parking Security

Every week, there are 666 violent crimes committed in the parking garage. Also, nearly 2,000 violent crimes occur on a street, sidewalk, alley, or highway in seven days. The area between the parking lot and the building is included. According to the FBI's Crime Data Explorer, these are responsible for 25% of all violent crimes. The FBI defines violent crimes like homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Every day in 2019, more than 1,000 incidents ...

  • CCTV Camera Surveillance

Top 6 Industries That Need The CCTV Monitoring and Live Surveillance The Most

Technology has two sides to it. Although advancements and inventions can be beneficial to us, they can also be used to solve problems. The majority of us benefit from it, but a few with special interests continue to take advantage of it and make life difficult for the rest of us. The surveillance camera is a marvel of modern technology that can be used in both homes and offices. Because of the numerous advantages it ...

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    • Benefits Of CCTV Camera

    Advantage of CCTV Monitoring and Live Video Surveillance

    When it comes to managing a company, the value of a video surveillance system, also known as CCTV, cannot be overstated. A CCTV camera helps you to reduce the expense of securing your business premises and properties with modern and sophisticated surveillance systems significantly. The systems provide reliable quality and control. This gives you a sense of safety when you go about your everyday tasks. Types of CCTV Camera Available : Bullet CCTV Camera Bullet ...

    • Wired Vs. Wireless Security Cameras - Which One is Better - BlueEyes Monitoring

    Wired Vs. Wireless Security Cameras – Which One is Better?

    Home cameras, both wired and wireless, are more sophisticated than ever. The image resolution is high, with most 1080p images displayed and some even crisp 4K images. Wireless and wired security cameras are designed to protect your property and your loved ones, and each type has unique characteristics and characteristics that are more appropriate than others. Examining both can help you select the best model for your home or office. And the factors below give ...

    • How Blue Eyes Monitoring Can Help Auto Dealerships Prevent Crime

    How Live CCTV Monitoring Can Help Auto Dealerships Prevent Crime

    Statistics show that when criminals look for potential crime spots, they aim for easy targets to get in and out with high rewards quickly. Because of this, auto dealerships are often targeted by thieves. Items such as catalytic converters, unique accessories, and more are easy targets for thieves and provide high profits. Also, inventory is often excluded from the lot rather than insecure buildings, removing one of the security barriers. As a potentially attractive target, ...

    • Video Monitoring Services - Let Us Be the Eyes For Your Property

    How to Correctly Secure Your Property To Protect It From Theft and Vandalism

    Securing the properties and monitoring the safety of it has been a challenge in this era of race, money, and technology.   An idle mind is devils’ workshop and a vacant property is criminal’s gold mine!   Due to the COVID-19 situation, with the unemployment rate increasing and so the robbery cases, the trust and faith in business and services has been graphing negative. Specially a burdensome period for the Realtors who have properties but ...