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  • Remote Monitoring

The Guide to Save Time and Money with Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is an excellent way to save time and money. If you are not familiar with remote security, it may be time for a refresher. Remote monitoring can provide all of the benefits that you would get from having someone physically present at your property or business, but without the cost of hiring staff to do so. And remote surveillance brings many other advantages as well! Unique risks associated with specific types of business ...

  • Parking Lot Security

Make Your Parking Lot Security Your Priority

Because of the inventory value and its susceptibility to theft, car dealerships are an ideal environment for video surveillance. Vehicles can range in price from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand dollars, depending on the brand, model, year, and features. Dealerships also take a massive portion of their inventory in parking lots, exposing million-dollar stocks to theft and harmful climate for hours at a time. Hence, it is necessary to hire one of ...

  • Benefits Of CCTV Camera

A Comprehensive Guide to CCTV Cameras

Securing your premises, be it your business property or your residential property, is of utmost importance. The advent of technology has facilitated us to have some peace of mind through various tools and gadgets. The surveillance system is one of the essential aspects of protecting our homes or business property. With an increase in crime rates, people have become more alert about making sure that their investment is safe from any kind of damage or ...

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    • CCTV security

    Tips on how to secure your surveillance cameras from being hacked

    One has various reasons for installing surveillance cameras in their property, be it commercial or residential. It creates a sense of security in us that no matter what, there is a net around us that people will think of before trying something wrong and if they do, they will be caught in that net (or, in this case, the camera footage). But is this net a trap set for the wolves, or are we living in an ...

    • CCTV Surveillance System in Multifamily Buildings

    Reasons Multifamily Buildings Must-Have Video Surveillance

    As the owner/manager of a high-rise multifamily building, you must employ a dependable security/surveillance solution. As per the National Crime Prevention Council study, apartments are 85 percent more likely to be burglarized than single-family homes. Felony and trespassing are on the rise, and a CCTV Surveillance System in Multifamily Buildings can help prevent crime before it occurs. When burglars or vandals notice that a condo complex, apartment building, or high-rise has video cameras, they may ...

    • Video Surveillance - Marine Sector

    Video Surveillance Is The Ultimate Solution For Marine Sector

    Because of the significant advances in maritime video surveillance over the last few years, video surveillance cameras now perform integral control of port areas and maritime spaces to ensure the efficiency of all processes, in addition to performing the most common security tasks. They are used for access control, the deterrence of workplace accidents in locks, the control of goods transit, etc. If there is one specific thing when it comes to port work, time ...

    • What Does Study Say About Video Surveillance and Crime Rates

    Statistics You Must Know About Crime Rates

    Crime statistics can be used to assist criminal justice professionals in anticipating increased crime risk. This can be backed by law enforcement intervention to prevent the expected crimes from happening. In addition, predictive analytics data can help police focus on a particular area and use police resources better. Nevertheless, the statistical significance of crime statistics is debatable and requires further development. The findings of a comprehensive study based on 40 years of evaluation research support ...

    • Shipping and Receiving Department

    The Major Perks of Security Cameras in the Shipping and Receiving Department

    Commodities travel around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to today's global supply chains. They are packaged and shipped via air, rail, sea, or truck. The ability to secure these channels grows in tandem with the complexity of supply chain networks. Your shipping center is most likely one of the least secure locations in your industry, making it a prime target for theft. However, implementing a Shipping Video Monitoring in ...

    • 4 Steps to Take with Industrial Security to Protect Its Assets

    Follow These Steps For A Better Industrial Security

    CCTV surveillance is frequently used to deter theft and vandalism, but your integrated security system could do so much more to protect production facilities. For example, if the materials or machines used in your facility make safety a top priority, surveillance allows you to monitor staff to ensure that everybody follows the security procedures. If an organizational accident occurs, video footage can assist in determining what happened, why, and how to avoid it in the ...