Statistics show that when criminals look for potential crime spots, they aim for easy targets to get in and out with high rewards quickly. Because of this, auto dealerships are often targeted by thieves. Items such as catalytic converters, unique accessories, and more are easy targets for thieves and provide high profits. Also, inventory is often excluded from the lot rather than insecure buildings, removing one of the security barriers.

As a potentially attractive target, auto dealerships need to be specifically balanced to effectively secure property in the area while allowing legitimate customers to browse freely and interact with the inventory. Security guards and fences were the traditional means of securing the ground, but significant car centers have mostly disabled these pillars. With advanced technologies in security camera services, custom cameras and video surveillance systems are the best security systems for car dealership.

If you are still relying on old methods, here are three reasons why you need to include a camera system in your car dealership security plan to prevent crime: security systems for car dealership

Deterrence and Prevention

Auto dealerships are in a unique situation when it comes to insuring assets. Traditional methods such as heavy fences and on-site security guards can sometimes effectively deter criminals, but they can dissuade users.

Surveillance cameras help solve both of these problems. Potential offenders will look beyond the fence and security guards and make sure to identify the high-tech security system and understand that it is more complicated than a security fence. Security cameras can actively record any property and monitor it remotely, meaning that criminals’ risk is enormous. For these reasons, video surveillance can be useful in preventing crime. In contrast, your camera system does not get most customers’ attention, helping you ensure that your assets are protected. This is an original video of what happened to a car dealership.


It Always Protects

One of the main advantages of the security camera system is that it can always be turned on. Modern camera systems are ideal for delivering remote video monitoring on any device at any time. Besides, surveillance services allow living people to monitor their cameras continuously. It ensures that someone is constantly monitoring and the authorities are notified as soon as an incident occurs.

However, many business owners don’t realize that security cameras are also useful during the day. Just because it’s business hours doesn’t mean your assets are completely safe. Crowded office hours are the best opportunity for cunning criminals to use reduced surveillance coverage to steal small items, destroy property, or acquire certain parts of your business. Having a security system always on hand means that you are not just monitoring your assets if you THINK a criminal is attacking. They protect your inventory at any time, day or night.

Savings On Security Costs

Security solutions can be expensive, but the results are worth it. Proactive CCTV monitoring services can give your buck more of the many solutions available. This type of system avoids inconvenience and expensive calls. Alarms are visually inspected by trained intervention technicians, ensuring that each incident is handled quickly and appropriately. Notifying the seller and the police only when the threat or intrusion is visually determined will eliminate incorrect and unwanted call costs. See in the image what happens if you avoid using CCTV camera monitoring services.

Auto Dealerships Prevent Crime

Work with CCTV Monitoring to Secure Your Business

We know about the challenges car dealers face. Our mission is to improve your business’s efficiency by ensuring that your valuable inventory is protected to the highest possible level. Auto dealerships are challenging to manage. After hours, whether you have parts delivery, sweepers entering your showroom at night, or employees working late on cars or managers. Keep track of who has allowed your difficulties.

Let CCTV Monitoring demonstrate how effective a video surveillance system at your business can be in securing your assets. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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