The need for a surveillance system has grown significantly if you are an owner or supervisor in the automotive sales industry. While it is true that no business is ever completely safe from thieves, car dealers appear to be facing a more severe issue. Their automobiles are arranged on their lot and seem to invite robbers to pick the best vehicle and run away with it. As a result, car dealers are more concerned about security. Luckily, numerous ways can be used to improve security at your car dealership and reduce vehicle theft. One effective method is to use car tracking systems, which allow you to determine your vehicle’s location and locate it in real-time if something terrible happens.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are additional ways you should use to improve the security of your business. There are many other reasons to secure your car dealership, aside from catching thieves attempting to steal parts or entire vehicles or monitoring employees. One important application of such systems is to watch customers’ cars as they enter and exit the shop for service.

Many dealerships have already avoided false claims by customers by verifying the condition of a vehicle entering the service bays. Such Customers usually claim that the dealership caused the incident while servicing the car, but cameras then show otherwise.

  • Smart Car Placement:

Be strategic in how you position your vehicles on the lot to avoid loss. As an example, a box in the most valuable cars completely blocks any exits that a thief could access. Block all exit routes from the lot by parking cars at the ends of aisles. When parking each vehicle, make sure to use the emergency brake and turn the front wheels to the side, making it difficult to remove the wheels.

Each unit should also have a routine for closing down at the end of the day. The office retains the cash, dealerships with services store tools and clean-ups, and the parts department secures all inventory. In addition, the sales department should get a closing routine to guarantee that all keys, vehicles, and license plates are appropriately accounted for. A regular practice will aid in detecting any discrepancies before they become a significant issue.

  • GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking devices are small and compact, rendering them insignificant to car vandals. With all of the advanced features embedded in it, such as geofencing, real-time surveillance, and the skill to initiate an alert if the car is moved without consent, a dealership GPS tracker can even outshine its size. These detectors are also reasonably priced and work globally. They are highly durable, can support extreme use, and have excellent battery life.

  • Lighting And Fences:

Most burglars work away from the spotlight to avoid being caught, so keeping your lot adequately lit at all times is among the best ways to enhance car dealership security. In addition, install barricades around your assets to deter criminals from breaking in. If they can still enter, the fences will make it difficult for them to flee the grounds and drive away with your car.

  • Employ Surveillance Services:

Owners benefit from more convenient monitored video surveillance thanks to security cameras. They have a wider field of view, making it easier to detect unauthorized vehicle movement or other suspicious activity. Security cameras improve car dealership security and record footage that can be used to file a police report or an outstanding warrant.

Consequently, you can implement motion sensors and alerts across the area, which will be extremely useful if you are forced to leave the dealership unmanned. This way, you’ll be notified the moment someone sneaks into the parking lot in the dead of night.

To Summarize,

CCTV Monitoring offers customized security solutions for automobile dealerships and showrooms. A highly responsive team of professionals provides ongoing support to our clients. Contact us today to learn how professional and dedicated remote video surveillance services can help you improve your existing security.

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