Every week, there are 666 violent crimes committed in the parking garage. Also, nearly 2,000 violent crimes occur on a street, sidewalk, alley, or highway in seven days. The area between the parking lot and the building is included.

According to the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer, these are responsible for 25% of all violent crimes. The FBI defines violent crimes like homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Every day in 2019, more than 1,000 incidents of property crime occurred in parking garages! During the same period, the FBI reports that an average of 640 property crimes were committed every day on the street, alley, highway, and sidewalk.

Auto-dealership video monitoring is an option, but how exactly does it help and what else can property managers do to improve parking security? They can’t possibly change people’s driving habits. This is where the parking security dos and don’ts come into play.

Parking Security Don’ts:

  • Use Dim Lighting

One of the most severe issues with parking garages is a lack of good lighting and reflective paint. People do not feel secure. It also gives intruders more confidence because they know it will be more challenging to detect them.

  • Avoid Emergency Support

What can people do in an emergency if there are no panic buttons or emergency phones? Most parking garages do not have a gate attendant. Even if they do, they are unlikely to hear anyone call for assistance or leave their station unattended.

Unmonitored or dummy video surveillance will not detect emergencies. That is why video surveillance cameras with monitoring are essential. Artificial and human intelligence can be used to monitor the garage around the clock. When a video surveillance system detects movement, a specific scenario, or an emergency, artificial intelligence in the system is advanced enough to notify someone.

  • No Marked Information

Imagine going in circles in a tall garage with no idea which floor you’re on. By the end of the day, you can’t remember which floor you parked on or where you parked on the floor. There are no markings to guide you or serve as a memory aid.

Parking Security Dos:

  • Install Proper Lighting

Lighting is one of the most cost-effective and efficient parking security options. It keeps suspects from discovering shadowy or dark hiding places. Lighting allows drivers and pedestrians to see what is going on around them. Proper lighting can make a big difference. So, make sure that there is decent lighting in the stairwells, elevators, and any walkways.

Color or hue is something that many people do not realize is important in lighting. It’s not so much about brightness as it is about contrast. It is possible to install lighting that is too bright and causes glare. A surprising lighting tip for creating a brighter space without glare is to paint the walls. It enlarges the lighting.

  • Paint For Hazards

The concrete in many parking garages is grey. This results in a dark environment. As previously stated, painting the walls white improves lighting. Look for paint that is light, reflective, or glossy. A garage has a very closed-in feeling to it. With the right paint job, you can customize it to feel more open and inviting.

Columns should stand out rather than blend in. Keep in mind that vehicles come in a variety of sizes. Some are low to the ground, while others are higher in the sky. Make sure that the columns are painted visibly. Paint any other structures that drivers or pedestrians might miss. This will save money on accident-related expenses.

  • Add Security Signs

Video surveillance is a proactive parking security tool. If you have decided to go down that path, you must put up “Area Under Surveillance” signs with a picture of an automotive dealership live video surveillance camera. These signs may serve as a deterrent.

When video analytics and human intelligence are combined, video surveillance becomes more powerful. AI in camera monitors for specific scenarios. When it catches one, the system notifies the security operator. The operator can respond to the audio speaker or call emergency personnel, depending on the activity.

You can work with a security adviser from a video surveillance company to conduct an evaluation and make recommendations within your budget. Contact CCTV Monitoring to speak with one of our security experts about tailoring a live video monitoring system to your specific requirements.

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