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  • 4 Steps to Take with Industrial Security to Protect Its Assets

Follow These Steps For A Better Industrial Security

CCTV surveillance is frequently used to deter theft and vandalism, but your integrated security system could do so much more to protect production facilities. For example, if the materials or machines used in your facility make safety a top priority, surveillance allows you to monitor staff to ensure that everybody follows the security procedures. If an organizational accident occurs, video footage can assist in determining what happened, why, and how to avoid it in the ...

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  • Why the Future of Parking Video Surveillance Depends on Video Analytics

Video Analytics And The Future Of Parking Video Surveillance

Parking has become a significant issue in urban areas, with many people finding it difficult to find parking spaces in public places, particularly shopping centers and retail outlets. This also results in increased fuel consumption and repeated traffic congestion issues. Aside from those, the market for intelligent car parking is being driven by factors such as high consumer preference for luxury and contentment and growing competition among OEMs to offer parking assist features. What Do ...

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