Parking has become a significant issue in urban areas, with many people finding it difficult to find parking spaces in public places, particularly shopping centers and retail outlets. This also results in increased fuel consumption and repeated traffic congestion issues. Aside from those, the market for intelligent car parking is being driven by factors such as high consumer preference for luxury and contentment and growing competition among OEMs to offer parking assist features.

What Do You Mean Video Analytics?

The primary goal of video analytics is to recognize spatiotemporal events in videos immediately. A strange person disobeying traffic signs or the sudden arrival of thick black smoke are just a few instances of what a video analytics solution can recognize.

In recent years, video analytics has piqued the attraction of both industries and universities. Video analytics has enabled the digitization of tasks that have been previously the sole domain of humans, thanks to enormous developments in profound learning.

Significance Of Video Surveillance In Parking Facilities:

Parking video surveillance is a long-standing security challenge. Nevertheless, much water was carried under the bridge between systems solely supervised by humans and existing ideas based on video analytics.

Face and license plate recognition (LPR) techniques could be used in real-time to identify pedestrians and cars and make intelligent choices. For example, it can find a suspect in real-time and stored surveillance video or identify authorized users and grant access to the secured facility.

  • Any suspicious behavior can be tracked, and actions until the visitor leaves the retailer’s premises.
  • Video surveillance data can also be used to enhance the operational shopping experience for customers. The data collected can provide additional insight into peak traffic times and the average time spent by the customer during his visit, among many other things. This will assist the store and parking assistants in being well-prepared ahead of peak hours.
  • When video analytics features are incorporated into an intelligent parking security system, it first allows for constant monitoring of all vehicles at a parking facility
  • License Plate Recognition can assist in tracking any vehicle that has been stolen or is being used for criminal purposes.
  • Under standard lighting conditions, the camera records the license plate entering the parking facility and compares it to a database to determine whether the vehicle has been stolen or has previously been used for suspicious or illegal behavior.
  • Blindspot analysis distinguishes a silhouette from the physical object, allowing for more accurate object detection and the ability to identify open parking spaces quickly.
  • The parking manager would determine how many parking spaces are occupied and how many are unoccupied with the aid of object tallying.
  • VMS integration with intelligent lighting can also provide additional benefits. The lighting systems integrated with the VMS system would only turn on when motion is detected, reducing energy consumption.
  • Using a digital app for your shop or shopping center where privileged consumers can purchase parking spots can also assist the parking manager in anticipating traffic. It also gives them the ability to navigate and search for their car after shopping quickly.

Final Verdict:

Video analytics solutions have been highly beneficial in assisting us with our parking facility issues. This technique offers excellent ability to benefit a wide range of businesses, primarily as the diversity of possible applications has grown in recent years. As a result, incorporating video analytics into Smart Parking can provide additional benefits to allow your business to succeed. CCTV Monitoring offers remote live video surveillance services for all-round protection of your properties and assets. For more information, contact CCTV Monitoring.

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