Commodities travel around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to today’s global supply chains. They are packaged and shipped via air, rail, sea, or truck. The ability to secure these channels grows in tandem with the complexity of supply chain networks.

Your shipping center is most likely one of the least secure locations in your industry, making it a prime target for theft. However, implementing a Shipping Video Monitoring in your shipping and receiving department can do more than protect your assets; it can also help improve your day-to-day processes, saving you money on labor and hindering injury problems and other dangers.

Crime Deterrents:

Surveillance cameras are typically used as a visible deterrent, particularly when it comes to criminal activity. The trucking and freight distribution industries have faced numerous challenges over the years, particularly in protection. Container parks, for example, tend to grow in ports and distribution centers, while the number of incoming and outgoing trucks also tends to grow. This increases the likelihood of fraud, theft, and injuries, and many other costly inefficiencies.

Increase In Efficiency:

The potential to supervise your employees also allows you to stay on top of productivity issues. If you want to increase your labor force, you should first assess the efficiency of your current workforce to see if time is being wasted. For instance, if your employees have a lot of spare time on their hands, is it because they’re running effectively and getting things done, or because they’re wasting valuable time at the watercooler or taking lots of breaks? If the latter is the case, you probably want to consider allocating additional tasks to existing employees rather than hiring new employees to save on overall operating expenses. However, without security cameras, it is impossible to get a clear picture of what is happening.

Preventing Losses:

One of the ways that cameras can assist shipping companies is in the prevention of losses. One of the proven loss prevention strategies in any institution’s security department is to catch the people committing a crime, which could be robbery. The majority of today’s surveillance cameras have the capability of allowing warehousing and freight companies to track warehouse deliveries as well as unloading and ensuring that trailers and trucks are completely unloaded.

Better Security:

In most cases, businesses recognize that there is a need to improve the company’s security. Unfortunately, many companies frequently focus primarily on human resources to enable the company’s need for security, consuming many financial resources in the process. Security camera systems and surveillance solutions, on the other hand, are ideal for guarding the perimeter and ensuring the security of the company’s warehouses and shipping facilities. For example, a more extensive security department may neglect the loading docks, but this is an ideal location for a consignment to be fleeced or even looted.

If you are unsure where to begin, a security professional can assist you in analyzing your needs and customizing a solution that best mitigates your risks. Using CCTV to capture digital images of drivers or taking digital still images can also deter illicit activities. Operators can even use inkless biometric pads to have drivers leave their thumbprints on shipping documents that the shipper keeps. While these precautions may not directly prevent a bogus pick-up, they can significantly aid in the investigative process.

Contact CCTV Monitoring today for more details on security cameras and live remote video monitoring for your shipping department, as well as how we can tailor a security solution to your specific needs.

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