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  • What Does Study Say About Video Surveillance and Crime Rates

Statistics You Must Know About Crime Rates

Crime statistics can be used to assist criminal justice professionals in anticipating increased crime risk. This can be backed by law enforcement intervention to prevent the expected crimes from happening. In addition, predictive analytics data can help police focus on a particular area and use police resources better. Nevertheless, the statistical significance of crime statistics is debatable and requires further development. The findings of a comprehensive study based on 40 years of evaluation research support ...

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  • Access Your Security Cameras from Anywhere

Now Access Your CCTV Camera From Any Corner Of The World

With today's modern technologies and smartphone apps, it is now possible to set up a security camera and have the footage accessible in real via your smartphone. There are numerous security camera systems available on the market currently. Many of them have high-resolution cameras that can now be incorporated with apps. These apps, which are available for both Apple and Android devices, enable you to monitor live footage from your surveillance camera remotely. Many such ...

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