When most people hear the phrase “video surveillance,” the first thing that comes to mind is security. Indeed, video surveillance is a proactive technology for crime prevention, but did you know it also solves other businesses’ issues?

Check out these seven issues and how CCTV Monitoring, a Houston live video surveillance service provider, can help you solve them:

  • External Theft:

Regardless of industry, almost every business must be concerned about theft. Heavy equipment, copper, cargo, HVAC, and other valuables are frequently stolen on construction sites. Apartment property managers are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect their tenants. It could also be required by law, though this varies by state.

Car theft and burglary are other issues with residential buildings and most commercial real estate properties. In six months, a San Antonio property reported 25 car vandalism incidents, including 20 smash-and-grabs in one night!

  • Liability:

You may have liability insurance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned. For one thing, your insurance company may deny your claim. If they do, it is possible that they will not issue a payment for a long time. Waiting for compensation can be detrimental to your business. You can’t proceed without the insurance payout because you need to purchase a replacement or have repairs done.

It is the property managers’ responsibility to keep the area safe for employees, visitors, and vendors. All accidents or damages that occur on your property may result in a liability claim. When someone is attempting to act something illegal on your property, this is still the case.

Live video surveillance aids in the resolution of the liability issue. It records all activities, providing evidence that your company did not intentionally violate safety measures. The recordings will be beneficial in liability lawsuits and claims.

  • Internal Theft:

Commercial properties, shopping malls, and apartment buildings all face unique challenges, but they all have in common employee theft and internal threats. Employees aren’t the only ones who commit theft. There have been reports in the media of security guards being involved in the robbery.

Employees understand how the security system works, which makes internal theft a growing concern. They are aware of its weak points and where everything is located.

Internal threats can be mitigated with remote video surveillance. In an off-site facility in another area, a trained operator monitors the cameras. As a result, the monitoring operators are unlikely to collaborate with an employee to steal from the company.

  • Potential Inefficiency:

Video surveillance is an excellent tool for ensuring that employees adhere to processes and procedures. It is not seen as a tool for chastising people for doing their jobs incorrectly. Instead, it aids in increasing operational efficiency while decreasing safety risks.

The video recordings that have been saved aren’t just for use as evidence in crime and fraud cases. They are an excellent training tool. You’ll have footage of both the right and wrong ways to do things. It can be used to educate employees.

  • Business Bottlenecks:

With video cameras strategically placed throughout the property, a trained operator can review activity, comings and goings, foot and vehicle traffic, and other factors to identify bottlenecks. The monitoring operator collaborates with management to identify areas for improvement.

The cameras’ bird’s-eye views can help you identify a better way to organize the property. Reducing the number of trips, keeping the foot and vehicle traffic separate, and avoiding duplication are all examples of operational improvements.

  • Vandalism:

According to FBI data, buildings accounted for nearly 12% of all larceny-theft incidents in 2015. A quick calculation reveals that this amounts to more than 680,000 incidents in a single year. Vandalism causes damage or loss to businesses in a variety of ways. Vandalism frequently costs more than the value of the stolen or damaged property.

If insurance covers the repair, it will take time because paperwork and approvals are required.

  • High Costs:

The cost of personnel, as security is prohibitively expensive for most businesses. Even if a company has a security guard budget, they can still cause problems. The cost grows with each security guard hired. They can only keep track of what they see at any given time. Almost any property would require multiple guards to provide adequate coverage.

Video surveillance can be up to 60% less expensive than security guards. That means you keep a larger portion of your profits. A video surveillance system monitors more of the property than security guards because it uses a combination of artificial and human intelligence.

These seven issues can be addressed by innovative security solutions such as those offered by CCTV Monitoring. Contact us if you want customized video surveillance in Columbus and Ohio that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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