Employee theft and shoplifting cost the retail industry billions of dollars each year. Investing in IP video surveillance as a security solution offers extra long-term benefits, including reduced retail shrinkage, increased store revenue, lower healthcare costs, and, ultimately, a decline in the amount of theft cases. Security cameras also contribute to a more secure and inviting store atmosphere for customers.

With so many IP camera technologies available today, it’s critical to determine your retail store’s exact security requirements. Will your retail security system require both indoor and outdoor cameras? What are the flaws in your store? Is there any dim lighting in your store? Is there an aisle or section of your store that is more difficult to see than others? These are just a few of the questions to ask when looking for a new retail surveillance system.

Common Retail Crimes:

Shoplifting and employee theft are constant concerns for retail store owners. Retail security cameras can also help you identify the perpetrator of a crime by providing vivid, sharp pictures that are simpler to illustrate.


According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, over $13 billion in commodities are shoplifted from retail outlets every year. Deploying retail security cameras rather than hiring expensive security guards saves you hundreds of dollars per year and is regarded as one of the most efficient strategies of entrapping shoplifters.

Employee Theft:

Despite extensive background checks and questionnaires, no employer can ever be sure that an employee will not steal. Playing back video recording from your retail security cameras allows you to identify cases of employee theft and suspend the employee immediately, file charges, and restore losses.


A few retail employees will give their friends and relatives unauthorised product discounts by entering incorrect numbers or failing to scan an item. Retail store security cameras allow you to catch staff members in the act, allowing you to respond in real time.

Organized Retail Crime:

Huge underground shoplifting rings can be found all over the United States. Ring members are known for strolling into store and retail outlets, grabbing high-value items such as diapers, razors, or washing powder from shelves and tossing them in carts or bags, and afterwards fleeing the store, in which they are usually collected by a getaway car.

Benefits of Video Security in Retail Stores

Employee Training:

By exchanging footage of employee in-store behaviour during training and development, supervisors can streamline new employee mentoring and set new employees up for future success. Access to real customer interactions is almost always the extra step that helps push new hires much further to success, especially in a space where retail operations differ from industry to industry often even from shop to shop.

Remote Monitoring:

Guaranteeing full, 24-hour coverage of retail outlets ensures that recording is documented at all times. Aside from obtaining all activity and occurrences, videotaped footage by Retail Video Monitoring Security service can even mitigate or prevent future activities by providing security personnel with alerts or analytics to log unauthorised activity after hours.

Workplace Theft Track:

A retail security system gives the team visibility throughout the store, if there really is a shoplifting incident or a staff theft incident. Retail security professionals resolve theft incidents using surveillance video, which frequently shows a thief or thieves committing the crime in question.

To Conclude,

CCTV Monitoring is intended to assist you in reducing in-store theft and creating a safer retail environment for your customers. Contact CCTV Monitoring if you need high-quality remote video surveillance security services at a low cost.

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