Intelligent surveillance technologies are quickly developing. Security equipment is becoming more competent and efficient with the help of specific improvements in customized CCTV cameras, for example, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 4k video resolution, and so on. On the speed, network, and storage capacity fronts, data and its improved quality are having an impact.

Many businesses are attempting to keep up with the fast developments in terms of technology. To stay competitive, the security-providing firms are running at an unprecedented pace.

Following is the trend list:

1. IoT Becomes More Integral

IoT is a buzzword in today’s market, providing users with easy solutions and businesses with unique business opportunities. We will also continue to see the internet of things merge with advanced CCTV camera technology this year. The Internet of Things (IoT) will allow cameras to become more proactive, alert, and participate in surveillance and crime prevention.

We already recognized their function in home automation solutions as part of the previous phases. Still, we’ll see a lot more integration through ideas like automated harnesses, illumination, safety barriers, and other similar concepts for applications of all kinds.

2. The Rise Of Video Analytics

Enterprises have primarily used data analytics to identify and comprehend insights they otherwise would not have known existed. Data analytics has fueled company development for several firms, from assisting them in making crucial business decisions to lowering RoI and more.

In 2022, video analytics will reach new heights. However, that year, we will witness the peak of video analytics in CCTV camera systems. Historical and real-time data will be studied and processed for pattern detection, corrective action, predictive analysis, and more solutions on a mass scale.

We can anticipate and prevent crimes, environmental catastrophes, occupational risks, and public safety concerns using video analytics.

3. The Entry Of 5G Technology

The most anticipated technology has been making headlines for almost a decade. Every company eagerly anticipates the future of connectivity in numerous applications and scenarios.

However, the days we will be able to enjoy the awesomeness of 5G are rapidly approaching as more and more manufacturers test and release prototype devices that are 5G0-ready.

The term 5G refers to the fifth-generation mobile network technology, which is 100 times faster than today’s 4G service. Not only that but with the advent of 5G comes a significant improvement in terms of how many devices it can manage without sacrificing availability. This is expected to be millions of gadgets at once.

It will be enormous on the subject of 5G’s influence on CCTV IP camera technology. Large enterprises with huge premises can now link more devices to a single 5G deployment and stream high-definition video and data without worrying about data loss or obstruction. This will also assist CCTV technology in reaching new market segments by making connectivity more accessible and convenient.

5G security cameras will also provide significant advantages to clients and stakeholders. 5G-enabled new CCTV camera technology 2022 is ideal for applications in hostile and remote areas like deserts, canyons, oil rigs, coal mines, and more. In the coming year, we’ll be working with all of this.

4. Experimentation With Newer Use Cases

The epidemic has highlighted that the greatest CCTV camera technology is more versatile than initially intended. Thermal cameras, for example, have been employed in public areas to identify and isolate individuals with elevated body temperatures.

Manufacturers and their specialized R&D wings will seek out new usage cases to improve and develop innovative ways to take full advantage of their products and solutions.

5. Deep Learning And Its Potential

Deep learning has significantly impacted today’s CCTV systems, but the technology’s full potential has yet to be tapped. In the future, we will see a development in which CCTV systems become autonomous robots with similar abilities.

They would be the finest examples of general AI, with sensory perception systems allowing them to rotate, zoom in, pan, and make decisions without human input.

The technologies will be similar to living-breathing tenants in premises and personal spaces, providing high-quality security and convenience to customers.


In general, 2022 will see the continued advance of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more value to customers, generating new business possibilities for installers and integrators. And, as AI becomes increasingly deployed at the edge – on camera – its advantages will be seen by a much larger audience, revolutionizing the security industry.

The latest technology trends have had a beneficial influence on the operations of bespoke CCTV systems. So, if you feel it’s the right moment to make the switch and embrace appropriate technology at the proper time, get in touch with CCTV Monitoring.

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