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Protect Your Cameras: Security Measures That Keep You Safe

The world is a dangerous place. It's difficult to go outside and not worry about how your home or business will be affected by weather, animals, and vandals. Camera surveillance is one of the best technologies we have for protecting our properties from intruders. This blog post outlines how to protect your cameras and keep them in good condition so they can do their job even if someone tries to destroy them! Why protecting your ...

Protect Your Cameras: Security Measures That Keep You Safe2021-09-30T04:44:24+00:00
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Why Utilities Infrastructure Need Security Solutions

Video surveillance is being used by organizations worldwide to protect critical infrastructures such as power substations, dams, grids, and remote transformers. It is vital to ensure that this infrastructure is secure and operating at peak efficiency. Increased awareness and environmental monitoring are critical. The potential for disaster is accurate, as evidenced by the recent forest fires in California. Utility Infrastructure: Any part of a utility provider's supply, production, or reticulation system is referred to as ...

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