One of the most key upsides about a modern remote video surveillance system is the ease and flexibility in video management – you can log into your system and view surveillance video at all times, no matter if you are at work or not.

Using port forwarding, you can monitor and manage your CCTV camera remote monitoring from any computer with an internet connection. A mobile app, on the contrary, allows you to access your system via your smartphone.

There are mobile apps for both iPhone and Android systems that allow you to remotely manage your video surveillance system. Furthermore, several major manufacturers have mobile apps, including:


Axis Communications is widely regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of network cameras, and it has paved the way for other prominent IP camera manufacturers. Axis IP cameras, video analytics and software are constantly evolving to ensure that every type of surveillance application has the best-in-class features.

Axis Camera Companion is an all-in-one video management software platform that allows you to record, view, and manage your IP camera system. Axis has gone a step further by releasing Axis Camera Explorer for PCs, laptops, and pocket PCs, allowing users to access their Axis cameras via Windows Explorer remotely. Whenever you access your Axis network cameras from a remote area, you can use features like live views of all of the Axis cameras with multiple servers, quad image displays, in-image control of PTZ cameras, album functions for archived video. It’s never been easier to have a remote monitoring security camera system.


Milestone is well-known throughout the world for its cutting-edge video management software and video intelligence tools that improve IP video performance. Milestone’s premier VMS platform, XProtect, can be mixed and matched with various IP cameras and NVR brands for universal deployment. There are numerous VMS add-ons available to ensure that you have the best view of all your cameras and, as a result, can secure your property better than ever before. XProtect VMS is entirely scalable, making it ideal for growing businesses that plan to purchase additional IP video surveillance cameras in the future. The video analytics are pretty impressive, and they are among the most cutting-edge technologies available from VMS providers today.


Smartvue is the industry leader in mobile and remote video surveillance and cloud setup that is plug-and-play. When you buy one of Smartvue’s plug-and-play NVRs, you get free access to its proprietary Cloudvue service as well as the Smartvue app for the iPad, iPhone, and Android. Smartvue is well-known for its support of a diverse range of leading IP camera brands and models.


Vivotek, founded in Taiwan over ten years ago, has gained popularity around the world for its high-end network cameras. Vivotek has raised the bar in IP video technology by offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor network cameras with cutting-edge features such as megapixel resolution, nighttime visibility, discreet designs, HD image quality, and vandal-proof housings.

Vivotek is dedicated to providing its customers with remote monitoring services. When you buy a Vivotek IP camera system, you can view real-time video from any location in the world that has internet access.


Optica is a well-known manufacturer of high-definition IP video surveillance and PTZ cameras. All Optica IP cameras, like those from Axis and Vivotek, include a core set of built-in features such as full HD resolution, wide dynamic range, MicroSD on-board storage, tamper detection, and OpticaCMS video management software. To meet the diverse needs of larger organizations and security professionals, Optica offers a wide range of IP camera styles, including domes, bullets, and PTZ models.

While specific features vary between remote and mobile applications and manufacturers, you will be able to watch live and recorded video and manage alerts in general.

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