When it comes to managing a company, the value of a video surveillance system, also known as CCTV, cannot be overstated. A CCTV camera helps you to reduce the expense of securing your business premises and properties with modern and sophisticated surveillance systems significantly. The systems provide reliable quality and control. This gives you a sense of safety when you go about your everyday tasks.

Types of CCTV Camera Available :

Bullet CCTV Camera

Bullet CCTV cameras are among the most popular surveillance cameras due to their long cylindrical bullet-like design. They are designed to withstand water, extreme temperatures, and dirt, making them suitable for outdoor use. Their presence is immediately identifiable and acts as a clear deterrent to break-ins and intrusions.

Bullet cameras are often used in open spaces such as parking lots, back, and front yards, shopping centers, offices, factories, warehouses, and farms and are used in applications that include long-range viewing.


Dome CCTV Camera

Dome is another common choice. The vandal-resistant dome-shaped casing in which CCTV cameras are housed gives them their name. They’re appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, and their subtle form lends an air of mystery, making them difficult to spot and decide which way they’re facing.

They are commonly found in restaurants, shops, and hotels and allow wider angles to be monitored through a 360-degree rotation of the camera when placed in the right position.


C-Mount CCTV Camera

Detachable lenses are included with C-Mount cameras and can be switched to adjust the distance and field of view. A typical CCTV lens covers around 35 to 40 feet of space; but, if you need to cover longer distances, you can use special lenses that can zoom in and out without losing focus to expand the range of viewing and recording.

Since they are larger and more visible to passers-by, they are an excellent visual deterrent to illegal activity. They are covered from harsh weather conditions by a durable camera shell, making them ideal for outdoor use.


PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

PTZ cameras give you more control over the footage you film. They can pan horizontally, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of objects with the touch of a button. They can capture the finer details of a subject and are the perfect option if you have someone watching your house. They are accompanied by impeccable video quality and can capture the finer points of a subject. They will change the camera’s right angle to record the area of interest depending on the situation.

Because of the level of control they have, one PTZ camera can replace several static cameras. They are most commonly used in shopping settings, companies, banks, museums, and casinos for remote viewing.


Day/Night CCTV Camera

Day/night cameras are equipped to operate well both during the day and at night, regardless of the lighting conditions. They have extra sensitive chips that help capture clear and crisp images even at night, making them ideal for outdoor use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can tolerate direct sunlight, glare, and reflections in addition to poor lighting.

Day/night cameras record in both color and grayscale and come in a protective casing to withstand all types of outdoor conditions, making them ideal for business premises that need round-the-clock CCTV monitoring.


Infrared/Night-vision CCTV Camera

Seeing in the dark Infrared technology is used by CCTV cameras to capture photographs and videos in complete darkness. Since they can operate in complete darkness, they are normally more costly than day/night cameras. They can also endure fog, dust, and smoke and capture color footage during the day and black and white footage at night.

They are used by those who need very reliable surveillance even in total darkness, such as banks, manufacturing plants, and farms, due to their optimal night-time functionality.


Network/IP CCTV Camera

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are linked together over a network, allowing live video to be viewed from anywhere through the internet. IP cameras are used in all current CCTV systems due to their ease of video sharing and remote control. They allow for the storage of stored footage on network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorders in addition to sharing the live stream (DVRs).

They are an excellent choice for home and business owners who are often away or on the move, as the easily accessible footage allows them to view it from any place. All you need is a smart gadget like a phone, tablet, or laptop, as well as a secure internet connection.


High-Definition (HD) CCTV Camera

HD CCTV cameras are available in a range of resolutions, ranging from 720p to 4K. The higher the resolution, the better the image and video quality, though compression plays a significant role.

Low-resolution CCTV cameras create a blurry, grainy, or blurred video, making it difficult to distinguish objects and faces.

HD cameras provide superior video quality as well as high-resolution images with zooming capabilities. They’re especially useful in high-risk areas where foot traffic needs to be closely monitored.


Now that you have a basic idea of various kinds of monitoring cameras available on the market, let talk about why in the world a business need live video surveillance? Is it because every other business next to you is getting CCTV installed? NO!! Having CCTV cameras installed is completely different than having a dedicated person monitor them all the time. Let us explain some of the most important benefits of live video surveillance.

What are the Advantages of Live Video Surveillance System?

If your company is a retail store or a commercial property, you must make diligent and well-considered security considerations. Given the abundance of CCTVs on the market today, you’ll need high-quality cameras. With a high-quality CCTV Monitoring system, you can expect improved performance and productivity in your operations. At the same time, there are numerous benefits to installing CCTV in your company, including:


Deter Crime

This is the most important and clear advantage of installing surveillance cameras. You’ll be able to see their impact on people almost immediately after they’ve been installed. Even if they are hidden, you can begin to feel a sense of confidence, invaluable.

You will deter crime from happening if you install cameras in your home or at work. Mischief-makers are intimidated enough by the sight of the camera looking back at them, as well as the prospect of being caught red-handed, to be on their best behavior, knowing that their identity and criminal acts have been captured.


Monitor Scenarios and Activities

Security camera systems are straightforward to use because they can be mounted almost anywhere as long as there is a power source nearby. They come in several sizes and shapes, some of which are small enough to be covered in plants, photos, and photo frames. You can buy hidden cameras or mountable cameras, depending on your needs.


Gather Evidence

When you need to track people’s behavior and speech or have cameras mounted in strategic locations comes in handy during an incident. Not only do modern surveillance cameras have high-quality video capabilities, but they also have audio capabilities. They are more effective than ever, capturing a sequence of events thanks to the precise images and perfect sound.

This is exceptionally useful in legal situations where the eye witness may have missed a crucial detail or may not be giving an accurate account of what happened. The judicial authorities will see the sequence of events as they actually happened thanks to a surveillance camera.


Arrive at the Right Decisions

Security camera footage will help you make accurate and reasonable decisions while resolving conflicts, both in domestic and professional situations. Your questions can be put to rest with the help of your camera, whether it’s dealing with a situation involving disputes within your family, among your workers, or between a customer and your service staff.

When you make your CCTV camera your ally, you will sort out incorrect, improper, or invented statements made by customers or other authorities.


Maintain Records

So you learned about something that happened about a fortnight ago outside your home or workplace, and your concern is getting the best of you? You can put an end to it by checking your security records. Systematically, that is, according to the event’s date and time.

Your camera records everything, whether it’s a robbery or a minor altercation, making it easier for you to investigate what happened.


Enhance customer experience

A monitoring system in a retail setting increases the shopping experience for customers. You should still keep track of and observe the behavior of various clients. As a result, building a shopping site where consumers feel respected, cared for, and confident would be simpler.

Furthermore, based on client conversations recorded by CCTV, you can improve the quality of your goods.

Furthermore, installing a CCTV Monitoring in Auto Dealerships parking lot instills trust in your customers. Remember that vehicles and various automotive accessories are often stolen in parking lots. However, if the area is closely watched, you should keep an eye out for shoplifters.

As a result, your customers will feel secure whenever they visit, shop, or leave your company.



Installing 24-hour Video Surveillance in your home, office, or any other commercial property offers many advantages to the owner, staff or tenants and the building’s contents, and the structure itself. CCTV surveillance cameras are very easy to install (by hiring a licensed technician)  and one of the most cost-effective ways to secure your property.

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